Hey, When Is Your Spring Pellet Sale??

That’s a great question – but one that we don’t have an answer for you yet!

Here’s how it works: The pellet mill is the one who announces that they have an over-abundance of pellet fuel left over from the winter and they drastically lower the price, which we pass right on to you aka Mace Energy’s Spring Pellet Sale. Sounds simple, right?

Concerns: This last Spring – remember those months and months of non-stop rain and we all thought that ark building would have to be the new rage? Well, the impact of those massive rains country-wide made quite the damaging echo for so many industries: our home builders, cabinet makers, hardwood flooring just to name a few. The loggers could not get into the forests to harvest much of the lumber because the roads were washed & flooded out, the ground was super soggy and logging equipment and their lumber carrying trucks are HEAVY! That really was a negative impact for these various companies who need to have that raw lumber and the pellet mills are the last in the line – waiting for their production processes to produce the sawdust that pellet fuel is made with.

So, the BIG question is – will there be a pellet sale this year? Hard to say at the moment, but we will keep you posted whenever we know! And? Thanks so much for being such valuable and awesome customers. We love that you trust us and we love that we are helping to keep your families warm every winter. Thanks!

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