Keeping Your Appliances Safe And Clean.

At Mace Energy Supply, we provide multiple services that are focused on keeping your hearth appliance efficient and your family safe. From stovesinserts and fireplaces, we help make sure your appliance is working properly.

Whether it’s getting the appliance maintained annually, happily handling most repairs, or making sure your chimney is as clean as a whistle, we have the trained staff to get your job done right. Don’t forget to get your dryer vents cleaned annually too in order to prevent a fire in the wall behind your washer and dryer.

It’s not enough to just clean the screen after each load!

Insert and Stove Repair Service

At Mace Energy Supply, we proudly provide repairs to the stoves and inserts that we sell.

Chimney Cleaning Service

Mace Energy Supply provides the chimney cleaning and inspection services that ensures your house and family are safe.

Insert and Stove Maintenance Service

We provide services to make sure that all stoves and inserts we sell as well as the one in your home are running efficiently.

Dryer Vent Service

Annual cleaning of your dryer vent will protect your family from dryer vent fires behind the wall. It is not enough to clean the screen after each load.

Our Hearth Professionals.

Our maintenance and repair staff have years of experience ensuring that customer’s appliances are running efficiently and chimneys are cleaned.

At Mace Energy Supply, we proudly provide repairs to the stoves and inserts that we sell.

With a genuine focus on customer service, our staff greets every customer with a smile and
eagerness to help.
Our service team guarantees that their workspace is clean and tidy before they leave your home.


Mace Energy while I have had limited experience with them. They have been one of the best Supply companies to get parts from, even when they don’t service your brand. And they actually have them in stock. And the next thing I highly recommend them for is they have absolutely the BEST wood pellets to burn. They also sell Coal in several different sizes. They are also very friendly people, and very knowledgeable with Harman pellet stove, as that is what they specialize in. Highly recommended company.

- Andrew L


We have a 19 yr. old Harman Advance, and always call Mace Energy when we need replacement parts. They usually have what we need in stock, at very reasonable prices. I called yesterday morning about a failed pressure switch, and although the Harman part number had changed, they had a new comparable switch in stock. I installed it today and our stove is up and running again. Thanks once again, Mace Energy.

- Bob S


The staff is knowledgable and friendly, this is a company that has integrity and will help you with all of your heating needs! Affordable, honest and professional what more could you ask for from a family owned and operated local business!

- Chris M


Mace Energy Supply, Inc. is Smithsburg's best kept secret. Staff are friendly, courteous and extremely helpful and down to earth. Best place to go for all of your stove needs and pellets.

- Cindy K


This is the place you want to do business! Great people, service and products!

- Douglas G

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